The Very Best of Sri Lanka in Just 10 Days

Sri Lanka 10 day tour

Are you looking for a vacation to a tropical island where you can relieve all your stress and relax and rejuvenate yourself while also taking the opportunity to explore new places and meet new people? That makes Sri Lanka the ideal destination for you. The resplendent isle just off the southern coast of India is lined with pristine beaches with eternal sunshine and aquamarine waves throughout its perimeter. A Sri Lanka 10 day tour will give you the opportunity to visit the very best of those beaches and spend your time relaxing and rejuvenating yourself by just lying on the beach and gazing out at the far horizons or choosing to go swimming, diving or even snorkeling to refresh yourself.

Also, if you think Sri Lanka is just about its beautiful beaches, you’re mistaken. Sri Lanka is an archeologist’s haven given the numerous ruins and monuments some of which date back many centuries. Many of those places have been declared as UNESCO world heritage sites given their significance in history. Sigiriya, the Lion Rock is a rock fortress which was built by an ancient king of Sri Lanka and is famous because of its spectacular rock formation and the irrigational technology used in its water gardens. Also, the breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape from the top of the rock is one of its own and just cannot be put into words. Sri Lanka 10 day tour will give you the chance to visit all those places including Sigiriya and experience all that firsthand. Although, Sri Lanka being the island filled with so many attractions that even the longest holiday won’t be sufficient to experience all of it, a Sri Lanka 10 day tour will undoubtedly give you a huge window of opportunity to experience the very best of this pearl of an island.