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There are a number of reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka on your next vacation. If you haven’t already heard about the paradise island in the Indian Ocean filled with beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, native tropical wildlife and thousands of ancient ruins and monuments, you should check it out.Sri Lanka attracts thousands of visitors all year round solely because of its tropical climate thanks to its location being just above the equator. But if you think that the sunshine is the only reason why Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination, you probably haven’t heard about the numerous other attractions which include, surfing, diving and whale watching. Arugambay the best surfing spot in the world is located in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is not just beaches and sunshine. You could call Sri Lanka an archeologist’s dream given the loads and loads of ancient ruins and monuments which depict 2000 years of the country’s history including the reigns of kings who ruled the country in the past. Some of the remains were palaces back in the day. Sigiriya, the rock fortress is one good example for that.

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    If you visit Sri Lanka during the festive season in the months of July and August, you can witness the “Esala perahera” which includes five processions which also consist of brightly dressed up elephants and tuskers. This Festival of Light is celebrated by Buddhists to pay respects to the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha which is kept inside the Temple of the Tooth, or more commonly “Sri Dalada Maligawa.”
    If you still haven’t seen the tropical wildlife in Sri Lanka, it’s definitely high time for you to visit Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is not just famous for elephants, but also for Sri Lankan leopards, sloth bears, and sambar deer all of whom you can see in their natural habitats itself if you go on a safari in a national park in Sri Lanka.