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Sri Lanka, earlier known as Ceylon, is a pearl-shaped island in the Indian Ocean. Its diverse landscapes, sandy beaches, tropical wildlife and ancient ruins and monuments persuade tourists all over the world to travel to Sri Lanka.The city of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka’s very first capital, showcases thousands of ancient ruins and monuments depicting thousands of years of the country’s cultural heritage and Buddhist background. Visitors from everywhere travel to Sri Lanka to visit the numerous ancient Buddhist temples in the country amongst which there are cave temples that attract most of the attention.

Dambulla Cave Temple which is one of those cave temples was also declared as a UNESCO world heritage site in Sri Lanka. The 5th-century citadel, Sigiriya is one of the top attractions of Sri Lanka being the eighth world wonder. The rock fortress which is also a palace also has spectacular frescoes from the ancient times as well as a mirror wall on which the civilians of those days have scribbled graffiti. The graffiti include prose, poetry, and commentary written by anonymous individuals back in the day in their native language, “Sinhala.”

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    The diverse landscapes of the island are truly mind-blowing. “Hummana” is one of those very wonders of nature. It is a blowhole where the sea water spouts very high into the sky and drizzles over like a shower. Also, the sheer cliff of 4000 feet located in the Horton Plains national park in Sri Lanka is true to its name, “World’s End.” This is also a key reason why most tourists decide to travel to Sri Lanka during their vacations. The beauty of the cascading waterfalls inland such as Baker’s Falls is not second to that of the pristine beaches around the island which attract tourists throughout the year thanks to the eternal sunshine and aquamarine waves.