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Tour packages to Sri Lanka are available all year round thanks to the eternal sunshine in Sri Lanka. The location of the country just above the equator gives it a tropical climate which can be enjoyed throughout the year. Although most people do visit Sri Lanka for the sunshine and warmth, Sri Lanka is so much more. Tour packages to Sri Lanka will help you find out all about Sri Lanka. This tropical island is an elegant mix of all the key ingredients that turn it into a paradise island.

The palm-fringed beaches are perfect for strolls in the evening. Or even to bask in the afternoon sunshine with the waves at your feet. The pristine beaches of Sri Lanka are unique to this island. There’s so much to do in Sri Lanka. Surfing at Arugambay, diving in Trincomalee, whale watching in Mirissa and snorkeling in Hikkaduwa are just a few. The numerous beach resorts and spas will help you rejuvenate yourself with the help of ayurvedic herbs. You can go back home for a fresh start with a relaxed mind and body.The rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka can be witnessed with your own eyes through tour packages to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a country that is very proud of its culture and history. Also, religion is given a foremost place in Sri Lanka.

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    The ancient Buddhist temples have been renovated to stand to date where devotees can still go and pay homage. The ruins in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa display a history of more than 2000 years during which kings ruled this pearl-shaped island in the Indian Ocean. The irrigation systems that were employed back then are still considered to be fabulous creations even in today’s highly developed world. There are also signs of proper and extensive urban planning that has been executed back in the day.