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We provide 3 to 15 days tourism packages in Sri Lanka. One of the best place for Families, Couples, Adventures and Something difference to do. In history, Sri Lanka is also known has Ceylon, Thambapani and Taprobane. We are popular for many reasons in the world; such has cultural heritage, shopping, wildlife, people, hotels, Ayurveda and Spa. Most of the times, people who visit for Sri Lanka holidays would like to see Processions(Perahera). If you search about weather, you will see this island is a tropical island you’ll find two distinct seasons; wet May to August and dry from December to March.


Sri Lanka Tourism and holiday packages are all over the internet, but My Sri Lanka Tourism brings you a quality and a professional service through out your journey.

Sri Lanka Holiday Packages

Please hover on tour packages in our menu. We Provide 4 tourism packages for a better price and you can customize place you need to visit.

Sri Lanka Tourism

After 2004 Tsunami, Lanka tourism has being increase by 43% bring many natives with jobs and services surrounding tourism.

In the twelfth century, the explorer Marco Polo wrote that Sri Lanka was the finest island in the whole world. For centuries it had been a tourism destination, particularly for European travelers. Recently, the Sri Lankan Civil War that spanned over 25 years and ended in 2009 has had a negative impact on tourism and the growth of the industry stagnated, however following this era a resurgence in Sri Lanka as a tourist destination has been evident. In 2012, post office worldwide holiday costs barometer named Sri Lanka as the best valued destination for holidays. Tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka exceeded 1.5million in 2014.

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If you chose to stay with us, you will enjoy modern home comforts in a traditional setting. Whether you are looking for a short weekend break or a longer holiday, we offer a range of packages that we think cater for all.

Our Vission

Our tour guides will give you the most satisfying memories by showing you around every spot with a description that has a great value in it. Our tour guides will personally provide you with extra care to make your tour the most memorable tour that you have ever experienced in your life. Such as very interesting  figures’ and stories, relevant to our history that has your interest.

We, My Sri Lanka Tours and Travels will ensure that your tour is the most memorable tour in your life.

Our Mission

We are a medium specialized tour company. That has experience over 20yrs in the tourism field. And will be the best tourism company in Sri Lanka

We have connections with hotels, spas and medication centers, such as Yoga and Ayurveda to provide an affordable and secure holiday packages in Sri Lanka. Our vehicles are fully air-conditioned and fully insured.

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