Tours of Srilanka

Tours of Sri Lanka are great opportunities to take in the very best of what Sri Lanka has to offer. It will be an amazing opportunity to absorb the stunning landscapes, ancient monuments, ruins, cultural heritage, a variety of wildlife and the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. The 4000 feet sheer cliff known as World’s End located towards one end of Horton Plains Nature Reserve is just one example of the stunning landscapes around the island.

Tours of Sri Lanka are considered to be treats by wildlife admirers. The island is a paradise of tropical flora and fauna. The Sri Lankan elephant, Sri Lankan leopard, and numerous tropical flowering plants are just a few highlights of what this pearl shaped island has to offer. They can be seen in national parks throughout the country. Feeding baby elephants at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage will leave you enthralled by their immense cuteness. This makes up an essential part of your trip.

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    Tours of Sri Lanka will give you a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the island’s culture and heritage behind the ancient ruins and monuments spread out within the island. The statues and paintings dedicated to Lord Buddha in Buddhist temples located throughout the country can be revered and admired wholeheartedly. The folklore behind these monuments will enrapture you with its detail and context.Also tasting local food from a local home will show you the hospitality of the locals on this small island and also the spicy taste that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Your trip is still not complete until you have had a drink of king coconut water, native to Sri Lanka. Locals will tell you how nutritious the king coconut water is supposed to be and its sweet taste will anyway make you want more.