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Are you looking for the ideal vacation in a beautiful paradise island? In that case, Sri Lanka vacation packages are just what you are looking for. A holiday to Sri Lanka is not just another holiday. With the proper planning, you can make it the vacation of a lifetime. Even the longest trip will not be long enough to take in all of Sri Lanka. But with Sri Lanka vacation packages, you can enjoy the ultimate holiday in Sri Lanka without any worries whatsoever. The itinerary of the ultimate holiday in Sri Lanka vacation packages will include the spotless beaches, untamed wildlife, stunning landscapes, ancient Buddhist temples and ruins and monuments from thousands of years ago.

Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada is a top tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. It is also considered a very sacred location by all devotees of all religions in Sri Lanka. The journey to the top is a very memorable one, and the folklore behind all the main landmarks will keep you enticed.

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    Sigiriya, a UNESCO world heritage site and also the eighth world wonder is also another main attraction in Sri Lanka. The Lion Rock built by King Kashyapa in the fifth century still stands as the rock fortress it was meant to be. The water gardens, frescoes and the mirror wall with graffiti are all part of Sigiriya. The graffiti on the mirror wall is prose and poetry composed by people who visited Sigiriya long ago. Sigiriya is also a classic example of urban planning. The remarkable hydraulic techniques employed in Sigiriya to carry water to the top of the rock are still mysteries to modern scientists as well.
    The Old Dutch Fort in Galle is from a relatively recent age in history compared to those above. Although the Portuguese originally built it, the Dutch extensively fortified it, which is why it is known as the Old Dutch Fort.