Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka is a leading tourist destination in South Asia. Sri Lanka tourism includes a variety of different categories like pristine beaches, cultural heritage, scenic beauty, thrilling activities and tropical wildlife to name a few.
Sri Lanka’s golden beaches have succeeded in luring thousands of tourists from all over the world owing to their spotless beaches with their aquamarine waves.

Tourists visit this small island all throughout the year just to bask in the everlasting sunshine while gazing out at the far horizons from the sandy beaches. Not just that, Arugambay, the world famous surfing spot is also located in Sri Lanka for surfers across the world to have the time of their lives.Sri Lanka tourism owes a lot to its natural beauty. National parks, forest reserves and rainforests all over the island serve as homes to the untamed wildlife of Sri Lanka. Not only you can visit them in their natural habitats, but you also have the chance to feed baby elephants at the Pinnawala elephant orphanage. This unique experience is one of its own. Also the vast tea estates and cascading waterfalls located inland provide an essence of their own to this paradise of an island.

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    The cultural heritage and festive activities also serve Sri Lanka tourism more or less. The ancient ruins and monuments with their fascinating folklore can only leave you astounded. The numerous religious temples and shrines built by kings long ago still stand today, showcasing their intricate beauty to the world. During the festive season, the whole country gets lit up with processions filled with exquisite dancers and elaborately dressed elephants and tuskers. The spicy Sri Lankan food have a taste of their own capable of gratifying your taste buds to the maximum. The Sri Lankan nation is also famous for their locals’ hospitality and the helpful nature of people which will make you feel at home.